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About The Changoor S-Shaver

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5-Direction Hypoallergenic Shaver






What Our Customers Say?

Love then!

I love my finishing touch flawless legs. I cant use a razor because it irritates my skin and a traditional shaver doesn’t do the job. It is the perfect shaver for daily use. So easy too. I bought it right before summer swimming started. I carried it in my purse and used it on the go. It works so great i want to get another to keep one at home & one in my purse.
Thomas a.

Smooth Shave

This is so nice!!! It shaves very close to the skin (skin still feels a tiny bit prickly) and you can’t see any hair! It comes with a USB charger, not something that plugs into the wall. I was able to use a USB plugin thing that plugs into the cord and then into the wall. Not sure how else you would charge it. So far I love it!

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